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Registered under Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka and Directorate of Primary Education.

Prime Bank English Medium School history

Prime Bank English Medium School (PBEMS) is an English medium school created and operated by Prime Bank Foundation with the goal of making high quality values-oriented education more accessible for all. Initially mandated to make international standard English based schooling more affordable to bring it within reach for those constrained financially, the Prime Bank English Medium School project seeks to go further by developing a more holistic view of and introducing more innovative approaches to education. The greater vision of this initiative is to develop a model for the creation of more schools based in its principles, with scaling up plans now underway. In doing so, the Prime Bank English Medium School model will continue to emphasise certain priorities that set it apart from the conventional primary education system in the country.

Starting its journey in 2008 with its first branch in Uttara, Prime Bank English Medium School has, as of 2015, given students the opportunity to benefit from an education that was previously out of their reach. Currently covering primary level education, plans are underway to move towards middle school classes with the eventual possibility of an O- and A-level based programme. The second branch of Prime Bank English Medium School was inaugurated in 2012 in Mirpur, thereby opening up another avenue to provide its services.

The first distinguishing feature of Prime Bank English Medium School is in its provision of low cost international standard schooling that allows children from lower income backgrounds educational opportunities that they would not otherwise have had. As a not-for-profit school with reduced tuition costs, Prime Bank English Medium School has been able to have a direct impact on those that may have been left behind due to cost considerations. The results have been compelling, showing that children from any background can thrive and have great success with English based education if given the opportunity.

Prime Bank English Medium School is also exceptional for its innovative and progressive approach to teaching. The goal is to develop each child’s own talents, creativity and individuality. This is achieved using an interactive, child-centered and values-driven approach. Interactive and child-centered teaching helps develop students’ thinking, problems solving and creative capabilities, based on the principal that children are naturally motivated to learn. In addition, Prime Bank English Medium School emphasises greater involvement of parents in their children’s schooling, as this has also been provec to produce better results.

Beyond laying a solid foundation for their continued success in primary and secondary school, Prime Bank English Medium School promotes the holistic development of its students and prepares them to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment. The overall aim of Prime Bank English Medium School is to help each child to fully develop his or her social, intellectual and moral capabilities, and thereby become a lifelong learner, productive citizen, and fulfilled human being. This approach is based on developing not only the student’s intellect, but also emphasises certain universal human values: responsibility, consideration of others, honesty, and initiative. Values such as self-confidence, drive and open-mindedness will benefit the young students for years to come and set them on the path of making the most out of themselves. This in turn will have a greater social benefit: if students acquire not only academic knowledge but good character traits as well, they are more likely to go on and contribute to the betterment of society.

Prime Bank English Medium School’s enthusiastic and talented teaching staff is carefully selected after extensive screening, and each instructor is a certified graduate of a teacher training programme. The high teacher to student ratio, and emphasis on interpersonal relationships between students and teachers, means that pupils receive an exceptional degree of attention.

Prime Bank English Medium School, from the very beginning, was planned by Prime Bank Foundation not only as an educational institution in itself, but as a model for the creation of a series of English medium schools providing low cost international standard educational opportunities. With the success seen over the last few years, the prospects for expanding this programme are bright, and will allow many families to have access to a kind of education now enjoyed by few.

Unique Features
  • Not-for-profit school with reduced admission/tuition costs
  • Expatriate Principal
  • Applied, interactive learning method
  • Holistic approach that includes character development
  • Emphasis on classroom learning instead of on home tutoring
  • High teacher-to-student ratio
  • Sensitive application of curriculum and materials to the child's developmental stage
Latest Video
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