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Registered under Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka and Directorate of Primary Education.

CEO, PBF Message

Witnessing the journey of Prime Bank Foundation over last few years has been a deeply inspiring and humbling experience. The Foundation exists to address some of our most critical social challenges, and sustains itself on its faith in overcoming the odds. Through its unwavering conviction and recognition of the innate strength of those we seek to help, PBF has been able to touch countless lives. The personal stories of our beneficiaries speak beyond the numbers, and continue to spur us on the road ahead.

PBF has always been focused on making a real and meaningful impact, and remaining both positive and pragmatic has led to its continuous growth and progress. Based on actual and persistent results, the Foundation has been gradually increasing the scope of its initiatives. Underlying these successes is a willingness to look at problems as opportunities, and a spirit of continuous innovation. This has led up to the development of a wealth of capabilities, a countrywide footprint, and a leading position as a financer of educational and healthcare programs. Today, PBF is one of the banking sector’s leading foundations, not only in terms of benefaction, but also in terms of the goodwill that bestowed back upon us.

I am sincerely grateful to the Foundation Management Committee, its Executive Committee, and the Prime Bank Board of Directors, as well as to our staff and partners, for having the fortitude to stay dedicated to our mission. The staff works particularly hard to achieve our goals. They exhibit a humility that spurs upward mobility for indigent families, while administering outstanding services to our beneficiaries with professionalism, technical proficiency and care. I also appreciate the support and inspiration that we have received from the communities we work with through the course of our efforts.

Being part of Prime Bank Foundation’s journey has been extremely rewarding, and having the opportunity to witness the realization of its noble vision is a privilege. But ours is a work that is never complete. We have tremendous potential to achieve sustained growth, and as such strive to step up every year to reach out further and deliver fully on that potential. As we go forward in 2013 and beyond, we will make a more rigorous effort to be a strong voice of hope, a beacon of light and an institution that is dedicated to uplifting communities in need. Prime Bank Foundation will continue to live up to the essence of what we have always believed in, that is the wellbeing of our beneficiaries, the untapped strength of disadvantaged communities, and faith in future where no one is left behind.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Iqbal Anwar
Chief Executive Officer
Prime Bank Foundation

Unique Features
  • Not-for-profit school with reduced admission/tuition costs
  • Expatriate Principal
  • Applied, interactive learning method
  • Holistic approach that includes character development
  • Emphasis on classroom learning instead of on home tutoring
  • High teacher-to-student ratio
  • Sensitive application of curriculum and materials to the child's developmental stage
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